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Hi Puys.... With just 1 week remaining for the official start of GD PI round, let us consolidate the probable Essay topics that might come. What say?
1. Division of a big state into small ones is advantageous for holistic growth2. With the food security bill and the land acquisition bill,is in...
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tekas1234 I am in as well.. Please add me tekas1234@gmail.com. 29 Jan.
sumitarora88 add me as well - arora.sumit88@gmail.com. 29 Jan.
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99.29 - (97.65 + 98.87)
Busted again.
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King_Julian Everyone criticized me then for having left an admit from.... 09 Apr.
Ibanez @King_Julian Which IB VP are you? And how did you get t.... 09 Apr.
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First crush- Yes Like Many others "I too had a Love story" . (Disclosing first time anywhere after that fiasco) That was the Best Moment when I saw her, tried to approach but Backfired on me
Result-> Couldn't tell. Duration- 3 years. I still get trolled whenever I recall all those days. (Th...
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Estallar12 @brixcel Chup kar! Kuch bhi. :/. 19 Dec '13.
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LastAttempt @cricketfreak Yup !. 18 Oct '13.
ShuvamJoy Mad head ke jaisah log rahegah toh aur bhi CAT Scam hoga .... 18 Oct '13.
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Technical Officer Scale 1 guys...Please post your scores here....OMG 139 cutoff
ankushaggarwal guys any guess for highest marks in technical cadre. 09 May '13.
gpuy pg par toh aapke hi hain usse bahar pata nahin. 09 May '13.
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technical officer scale-1....m not in...i dont know what went wrong.....any one here passed in technical officer scale-1 ... plz post your attempts as well as predict the OA cut off
rsvrules I am talking abt SO-2013 ie this year's result of mine....... 20 Apr '13.
rsvrules @yudh. 20 Apr '13.
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http://www.facebook.com/groups/482815011787597/ For all 23 or more then 23 aspirants. Do join the group :mg:
mayankgrabo sent! ;) . 21 Apr '13.
hanushanand @Estallar12 21?? O.o Wo to mai hoon!! :sneaky: . 16 May '13.
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Why do we have several shoutbox ??? Whats the use of townhall when we have a shoutbox .. ! Why all the posts are seperately forming a new thread all of a sudden ?Why this facebook version of pagalguy when the older was much more reliable and easy to use ?Why are all the likes counted and renamed ...
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zeus0390 I am having a hard time here in office convincing my peer.... 03 Apr '13.
70291testengine @zeus0390 Like !. 03 Apr '13.
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i am liking this new version... blue blue :) :D
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Estallar12 @nene  Maaph karne ke liye Dhanbaad hai ji! :P . 03 Apr '13.
Estallar12 @brixcel  Link de toh. I cannot find. :roll: . 03 Apr '13.
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Put up a ''How to Post in Threads'' Guide asap! :mg:  People are posting questions and 'quoting and replying'. Comment karo Buddies - Comment!
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gudda1122 @Estallar12  yup we need that bcoz after seeing present s.... 03 Apr '13.
gudda1122 @deepu  sir ji :( hamesha mujhe hi kyun moderte karte.... 03 Apr '13.