CMAT Preparation Group XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Hi All,
Please use this thread only for CMAT preparation .... Discussion on questions and other strategies related to preparation.
This thread would be a continuously running thread and serve as repository for indicating what/how to prepare and form a strong study group for the same.
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bitsbang Any idea about the admission process for JBIMS for year 2.... 20 Mar.
vi2507 If you have not appeared for Mh-cet @bitsbang U are not.... 24 Mar.
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@chelseaboy bhai konsa slot?
@insane.vodka succesive discount puch ra h kya??
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Deductions Set 1
1) All green are blue. All blue are while.Conclusions :I. Some blue are green.II. Some white are green. III. Some green are not white.IV. All white are blue.
A.Only I and II follow
B.Onlv I and III follow.
C.Only I and IV follow.
D.Onlv II and IV follow.
No i have not given sep. CMAT and don't worry their is no such normalization process,That's y CMAT have just 4-5 days testing window because it is easy to maintain same difficulty level across all the days when you have 4-5 days only (which is not in case of CAT it has 20 days window)So chill it...
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@supro raw score matters , and nothing else matters !!!
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only raw score!
@sameersapre23 you have given sept one?? and really do accuracy changes the game?? or in cmat just the raw score is taken into account?........or there is some rediculous provision like cat to give comparative weightage focusing solely on accuracy and neglecting the raw scores
kis cheez ke?
Kisine muze formula or methods nahi bataayi
True discount ka kya funda hein???
i think yes actual CMAT has a diffrence...!!But overall it depends on your accuracy
Yr level to accha laga muje at least TF se better...>>!! but yes kuch questions thode absurd themera 235 aaya score.....!!
@sameersapre23 yehi CMAT ke MOCK hai mere paas ...
pdf file
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kaisi hai difficulty level aur kitna aaya score??
Hey.....i got 270(72/18/0) in that............TF and Actual CMAT ka level kya ek jaisa hi hai ya scores mein bahut difference ata hai ?
@nandini_MBA said:
@sameersapre23 hey visit cmatgurus.com u will get free mock test after free sign up......
I am already done with that free mock...!!

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