XIC entrance exam prepration Prep Resources

(Xavier Institute of Communication, Mumbai)? Has anyone here studied in XIC or taken entrance test for XIC(2010)? What was the difficulty level of the entrance exam? Please provide tips and advice .
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rrrs Please put some light on the gd of pr course?. 10 Jun '13.
enigma_s27 has anybody taken the GD/PI for PR today?. 11 Jun '13.
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Plzzzz reply
As I m very confused
Can you guys also suggest me some mre institution that offers Masters in Media n Advertising???
I know About MICA and aiming for that itself but I would like to have more choices
PLzzzzzzzz help
Hey guys I m applying for Advertising and Marketing Advertising course in XIC
Do we get good placement for ADMA in XIC???
I am also planning to do masters in media and advertising but is there any need to do masters evn after doing diploma in ADMA
Thank you very much janshay you were really helpful and plz share your GD/PI experience with us
Hi, currently i'm working with one of fortune 100 companies in Marcom as an executive and i wish to pursue masters in marcom, i found that few institutes like Symbiosis, MICA, KJ, offers MBA in MARCOM, Does XIC as wells offers MBA in MARCOM ?
@Karnatak_pal please please help me out to get through the OET for PR. i really want to get into XIC!!
Karnatak_pal you might have o check all comments I don't remember the .... 10 Apr '13.
imegha alryt..thanks..@ Karnatak_pal. 10 Apr '13.
Is XIC entrance exam really tough?
what exactly do they ask in OET to the one's who're applying for the PR course?
Karnatak_pal B_Devjani If you scroll through pages backwards .. you wi.... 09 Apr '13.
please reply ASAP.
@Karnatak_pal hey please tell me that the essay that has to written in the form should be of how many words? as i hv understood personal statement 200 words and total no. of words 1000
Karnatak_pal @apeek You have understood it correct.. 09 Apr '13.
@ curiousity
well it totally depends on your interest. and about the entrance test its gonna start from 28th april for which the online registration started from 15th march and will end on 21st april.
Hi guys....I am Planning to appear for TV & Film media course, XIC.....I have a few queries regarding the course....1. Out or Journalism and Tv & Film media, which course has a better scope.
2. Does XIC provide campus Placements for all the courses and what's the average package.
3. Is ther...
Hi, I am planning to apply for either ADMA or PR in XIC, cn some one help me select one of these, m flummoxed. :/ Also, when does the entrance happen? Does it happen for both the courses or just PR? I really wish to get through. How do i start preparing?

Hey guys, a request to all those on this thread who will be applying for the ADMA and PR entrance. Please be active till the admission round is going on.

Lets share all the information that can help us get through it.

Those who are sitting for the entrance before others (since the dates of each city differ) please post the questions too. It will help others! :)

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    can any one please help me m planning to enroll for Ad & mkt course in XIC but m very much anxious ( to be honest kinda scared) so seniors can you please help me out
    Karnatak_pal Please check my posts earlier to devjani you will find wh.... 10 Apr '13.
    naman_07 ya i read your post its helpfull. hmmm i think i need to .... 10 Apr '13.
    hello,can u please guide about wat kinda role u get after completing course on PR and what is the average package for marketing and advertising?? Do corporates and MNC's recruit from XIC?
    Karnatak_pal @manimaheshwari1 You become an Account Executive, handlin.... 09 Apr '13.
    hey ! i have few questions. 1) TV anchors, press reports in electronic media is the part of mass com? 2) What is excatly one suppose to do in Film , tv and production course? what does it include? does it also includes tv anchors ? news readers? 3) is a diploma course good enough as compar...
    Karnatak_pal @ilovemessi7 1) Yes that is a part of Mass comm, 2) nope .... 09 Apr '13.
    @crazy4pagal Hmm, Though PR has 100% placement. The process doesn't close until every single student has been placed.
    Also, for others if you scroll back you will see many students from 2012-2013 batch, try asking the specific course questions to each of them who were selected. they will be at...
    @thePANDA if you keep scrolling back you will be able to view the patterns of last years paper. Also what Puys usually do is Mumbaikars give their paper earlier than Delhi-ites so they help each other with the pattern.
    @krebb90 Haha! True that. I am pursuing PR at XIC currently. Placements ongoing. No particular reason why boys aren't in course, the course is very open to boys and girls equally. You can apply as much as a girl can.
    Am planning to write the exam for JR in XIC . Can anyone help me with the reputation of the course from XIC and the placements after the course .
    why are only girls applying for PR in xic? i heard boys are a minority in the batch... i m interested in xic PR pgdm this year.... anyone can contradict me...? seniors??