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Guys is it a definite truth that NICL paper was out?? Everybody on FB sound so confident on this purpose..They are even saying that BCOZ of high marks from so many candidates they are delaying in publishing results..!!!
Any IDEA??????
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  • vinodsh just chill yaar..celebrate diwali...kal baat karna iske baare me ...ab jo diwaliya hona tha ho gya.. aj diwali manaate hain,...
  • HAKUNAMATATAAAA 2 @debj i have to tell my experience.. on the exam day i reached at 7.30am and the college was surrounded by fields. as i wantedd to piss i went very deep into the fields there i haveseen a person studying something, he was talking to some girl in his phone about descriptive topics and also said that objective paper is so easy..do not worry. at 9am i was shocked becuase the descriptive topics were the same that were present. and some rumour that questionpaper wasnt prepared by nicl but by some mediators .so the paper was easily available to coaching centres. and now no one can change it.. and nobody is proving it..noone is ready to face threats. so onlything to hope is to clear the cutoffs and get moree in descriptive because the people who have got the paper in advance will easily score 85+ in objective
  • vinodsh if they had descriptive topic also..they would have mugged up that also...and nicl will also try to prove it a rumor cozz , they will not want to conduct a re exam.....reasons better known to us..
  • debj @HAKUNAMATATAAAA Holy Mother of GOD!!! Did it happen in KOLKATA?? Wow...For me i found the GA portion tough barely could score 10+ marks...however may be my score in Objective may rise upto 70-72 at most...donno whether it'll b sufficient infront of scumbags like these...
  • debj Y do these guys hav 2 discuss Leaked paper over the phone?...If it were leaked to us; we'ld have taken 30 min at most to solve the GA from NET & can top the exam Positively...That boyfriend-Girlfriend combo must be the dumbest couple on display..
  • vikram1052 Yeh to vaise hi ho gaya gi, jis kisi se puccho sab ne kabhi ne kabhi bhoot ko dekha/mahsos kiya hai, lekin sach fir bhi koi nahi janta
  • punterdgr8

    @debj "That boyfriend-Girlfriend combo must be the dumbest couple on display".never heard anything so hilarious,man.u made my day!!!!!

  • HAKUNAMATATAAAA @debj it happened in hyderabad... the boy must have known the topics latenight or early in the morning.
  • Gaurav_Gags Gaali dene ka Mann hota hai ab toh seedhe. Sahi me Kutte ki Dum wala hisab hai..!! Roj ka wahi raag hai..!!
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  • MANC-LONDON patna mein kya exam cancel hua tha?????
  • silent_spectator patna me to re-exam ho gaya na 22nd sept ko... kisi website pe likha hua ta.
  • MANC-LONDON tab to thk hain agar re-exam hua hain toh..... kab hua tha re-exam ????? @Rambo_John
  • HAKUNAMATATAAAA @Rambo_John i am from hyderabad. I regret to differ u but the paper was leaked. i heard the descriptive topics at 7.50am on the exam day. how it would be a possibility?? and if u were in paper setting committee would u prepare such an easy paper??
  • Bansi-Bajao I dont understand how come the people are saying that the paper wa very easy....The paper was of good standard....if at all anything went in favour of the students, it was the very few questions 100 in 120 minutes as against any other exam in which we have to do 200 in 120 min....But the level of the paper was very good coz some english questions were really testing, GK is easy for those who know it and damn tough for those who dont, Maths was ok, Reasoning was OK.....So overall the paper was absolutely fine and of good standard....Descriptive will set the tone for merit list... Moreover dont forget a couple of things will affect the result of this paper: 1) As it was mandatory to mark the answers by pen and not pencil and also no use of whitener so a lot of candidates would suffer due to this....2) Many stupid candidates could not understand how to fill answer sheet number and registration number....LOL....if one cannot do this much then surely they dont deserve to clear this exam.......So I think ultimately those who deserve will get what they deserve and let the idiots and gud-for-nothing people crib and spread rumours.....
  • silent_spectator Ye sab padh k kitna +ve feel ho raha h n so now i stil hav some hope...nai to ppr leak n 85 cut off ka sun k to maine sari ummeedein chod di ti... thnx ppl. :)
  • mukesh007 Hakunamatataaa bhai mere cntr par ek studnt ke hand mai descptive ka eassay tha ur wohu sane papr mai aayactha ..
  • silent_spectator are ha bhai... leaked ppr me b insurance sector pe essay ta...to wo kaunsi badi bat h, that is something so obvious...ab sbi me b to banking pe essay likhne aya ta n u kno something... nicl k actual ppr me "privatization of insurance sector" pe essay likhne aya ta jo agr leaked ppr me b hota, to b koi likh nai pata ... :P
  • Gaurav_Gags @silent_spectator : Agree with you buddy.. :D
  • tarun00700 so obvious :D :O ...
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