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@kittu_bloo Instead of going for Financial Markets Beginners module, you should go for other certifications like CFA, FRM. See the certification of NCFM are not that much value add, you would give the paper and can easily get 90 to 95 percent, but then its no value add.
The certifications tha...
Hi puys :)i m currently pursuing my mba 1st yr, n m interested in investment banking. i m plannin to take Fin-Markets Beginners module. cud u pls help me suggest other ncfm modules that goes along wid investment banking?
@nean_1223 go through der website u wil com to kno abt marking scheme, time duaration n some sample papers...n yes given material is enough for test preparation
@MAK420 beginners module wil nt help u much...instead take some more time n clear adv. modules
Currently I am doing btech in cse branch and preapring for mba entrance.will this NCFMFinancial Markets: A Beginners' Module CERTIFICATE HELP IN MBA ENTRANCE OR TAKING PLACEMENT IN BTECH?PLZ GUIDE ME?
@No Aksharaa... u can't re-schedule ur booked slot... u hve to either attempt ur exam or leave it ur money ... i think u should to appear for that and if u nt prepared well dont worry go attempt it... if its clear then gr88 otherwise try nxt time harder!! okk and always keep in ur mind that the...
What if, if I hav 2 cancel giving exam and getting repaid??? Any possibilities????
Can any1 pls lemme knw, if I can postpone the exam date which is already scheduled .. Need an urgent reply, exam is tomorrow.. I hav chosen banking module..
can anybody please the material for "NISM-Series-VII: Securities Operations and Risk Management Certification Examination"
i had passed this certi but lost the material....
I am currently pursuing my MBA in first year and want to make my career in finance.
Can anyone pls tell me about some certification courses which will help me ?
I cant go for CFA and FRM due to financial issues........:(
Hi Puys.......
Me an MBA(Marketing)......having 2years of work ex in sales.....Now I am looking towards shifting my sector..... Me interested in Banking & analyst roles....So need to know will NCFM certifications help in moving to banking roles?
Hi Puys.......I've registered for one of the modules. I have few queries since this is the first time I'm appearing for a NCFM Test -
1. What is the duration of the test ?2. Is the study booklet provided sufficient for the preparation of the test ?
Thanks in advance
People, i am very new to finance and stock exchanges. I would like to write NCFM exams. Please help me in deciding with what course should I start??I am very much interested in financing. Please help me. I am very to grateful to u guys, thanks
hey guyz i need help..i got job in a brokerage firm as a broker. they asked me to get ncfm certificate. But which certificate should i get??? plz help me out anyone...
@[202944:vishal.das] - no i m not interested in that , but other than this which sectors are thee in the finance?
@[501659:rupalimahadik] if you have interest in MF , securities advanced module ...
@[72781:dewan_iitr] plz anyone can guide me which modules i can give as i am pursuing my MBA in Finance!
Hi Arvind4MBA,
I believe that the FLIP material is only available post an individual subscribing to the course and don't think a download link would be available :-).
In my humble opinion, these courses particularly from FLIP are pretty decent and gives one a good understanding of the sub...
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hey puy guyz... can any1 help to tell is there any active thread for FLIP certification query....actually i hve a query regarding its study material...can any one provide any link for free donwloading there module material stuff... :)
@[353242:Arvind4MBA] I also....i also have same query... what is worth of FLIP cirtification specially its equity reserch and issue management module...