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GMAT exam now opens new doors for management aspirants. Your GMAT scores can help you earn a degree from top tier schools in 83 countries, which now include India! Here's an elaborate bifurcation of Schools and Programs in India that accept GMAT score
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Puneethrao Hi guys,. 07 Oct '13.
Puneethrao I am puneeth with 30 months exp in Societe Generale which.... 07 Oct '13.
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sam_iim can i apply with 3 years exp.. 06 Mar.
OfficialGMAT @sam_iim sure you can. You can also put in all you queri.... 07 Mar.
School Events - Post Graduate Certificate in Securities Markets by NISM, an initiative under the "ICICI Business Leadership Programme"
Hi PuysI am working as an electrical engineer with a French MNC and having 4 years of experience. Now I want to go for an executive MBA. Guys please suggest that which college should I target ???I am thinking about these colleges...FMS...Executive MBAIIT Delhi ......MBA(EVE)......or should I try ...
sam_iim gmat.... 23 Feb.
Dr. Lakshmi Kumar, Program Director of IFMR's flagship program, PGDM answers questions on classroom, program, admissions, financial aid and more.
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The benefits of staying in India for graduate business education
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Here are some points to remember while you plan your application.
Choosing a B SchoolChoosing a school for your Graduate Management Education is full-fledged exercise in itself. Here are some things that can help you take that decision
Crucial questions on admissions, classrooms, programs, financial aid and more answered by Expert from SelaQui Institute of Management, Dehradun.
For further questions on SelaQui Institute of Management, contact admission office at 1800-11- 4441(toll-free) or 0135 – 3051010.
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National Institute of Securities Education (NISM) answers queries on admissions, classrooms, programs, financial aid and more.
Hi all,The Notification of the admission for VGSoM, IIT Kharagpur for the year 2014-16 is out.Vinod Gupta School of Management (VGSoM) will use CAT score for short-listing domestic candidates and GMAT score for short-listing international candidates including for its MBA program.
The admission...
Hi Which are the colleges in India which accept GMAT score for their two year programme ...Please guide ...
This fortnight on Ask the Expert Q&A;: S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research
Atish Chattopadhyay from SPJIMR answers questions on GMAT acceptance, admissions, classrooms, programs, financial aid and more.
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Why is B School a great investment?A graduate business degree significantly improves your career outlook. Here are some reasons why one should consider B-School for a career with impact.
Hi... how r placements of IBS mumbai??.....
"I dreamt of serving the educational needs of rural India" - Seetesh Chanchal, SOIL Alumnus.
Read how Social Innovation Program at SOIL provided a platform for Seetesh to understand and serve the underprivileged society and also boosted his confidence in handling complex hurdles.