[Official] IIM Shillong 2013-2015 Final Converts! CAT & Related BSchools

Hi All,
IIM Shillong is out with final results.
Congratulations to all those who have converted one of the coveted calls.
Please continue further discussions here. You may also share your profile in short to let everyone know about you!
Cheers and All the best!!
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abhishek.iitg Hi, I had this doubt regarding the teaching quality at I.... 21 Apr '13.
intelligence_redifined Converted. Leaving.. 25 Apr '13.
B I U Post
Guys...please suggest.... IIM SHillong v/s IIM Raipur...
Ricky123456 @heena_m09 location of IIM Raipur??. 13 Jun '13.
heena_m09 No..of IIM Shillong. 16 Jun '13.
Hi seniors, please upload the affidavit templates for both student and parent which will be required for availing loan.
yokesh90 @tusharjain89 Thnx man!!. 12 Jun '13.
D3vanshu @tusharjain89 Could you please send that to me as well? d.... 24 Jun '13.
Does the admission office send any mail after we have applied for a refund..??
or is it just synapse..??
please clarify.
Ricky123456 waitlisted in IIM S :(.... 10 Jun '13.
Ricky123456 @Mav13 Yaar kab withdraw kiya tumne?? . 10 Jun '13.
PUYS is there any chance of a convert at GEN WL 129 (current) ??
Ricky123456 chances are there but very bleak....We are in the same bo.... 10 Jun '13.
After waiting and refreshing the PG and IIMS sites for days and days together, I am joining NMIMS for good. Initially waitlisted at 88, now at 61, i know the chances are bleak. But it was nice spending time with aspirants. Will meet u in coming days in one of the B school competitions All the be...
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tusharjain89 @blogger2mba bhai NM mast hai..tension not.. will interac.... 08 Jun '13.
Ricky123456 @blogger2mba All the best dude and i really feel NM is a .... 10 Jun '13.
How much the waitlist has moved so far for general category ?
newhere 27. 07 Jun '13.
pallav.yadav 2<5<20 totally 27 ... . 07 Jun '13.
Woohoo... WL 27->25->20->CONVERTED finally Wait of almost 1.5 months is over...
Most importantly boundary pe ho gaya yaar....Cheers!!!
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pooja477 mine is 200+ no hopes. 07 Jun '13.
D3vanshu Bahi 23 pe atki hai jaan... ab to CAT '13 ke dates dekhne.... 07 Jun '13.
2 5 20... Could the next one be of 100??... #waitlisted@23
D3vanshu Bhai teri dua kaam layi... :D . 24 Jun '13.
Ricky123456 congrats :) . 24 Jun '13.
who all are joining for sure in today's waitlist movement?
tusharjain89 @ccharm19 53 now..initially 70..I doubt it will clear. 08 Jun '13.
tusharjain89 @manoranjan1234 thanks man..bt I doubt I will clear I..:(. 08 Jun '13.
General Category moves....Selected @ W/L 16
manoranjan1234 @Ricky123456 thnx :) . 06 Jun '13.
mohnish_khiani thanks everyone :) . 06 Jun '13.
Can we expect W/L movement for gen category today? Is thr a chance of really considerable movement as there are only 30 people (approx.) who are definitely joining as per the post on d fb group?
heena_m09 Sad... Pathetic... :( response yaar..... 06 Jun '13.
naveengangwal sc category list moved by 9 :( . 06 Jun '13.
Is a movement expected,if any,in next few days? Any info from admissions office?I am in real fix IMT G DOJ just after 7 days !!
pallav.yadav @mysore thanks for the positive words.. . 05 Jun '13.
pallav.yadav @Ricky123456 @mysore Bro finally converted ; thanks 4 ur.... 07 Jun '13.
Waitlisted at 32, Category SC. Any chances of converting?
vipulstephens sorry to say dude...but I don't think so. 02 Jun '13.
naveengangwal @vipulstephens congoo bro now u become analyst :P . 02 Jun '13.
Puys, any chance for Augmented waitlisted ones?
mysore passionate love, bro. I hope to meet her there :P . 01 Jun '13.
vipulchaturvedi @mysore she won't make it there..WL 100+ in first list t.... 01 Jun '13.
IIMS converted..was initially wait-listed at 5, however have not accepted the same.
wait-list moves by 1.
Hope this helps
Hkanwar so, where r u joining?. 01 Jun '13.
manoranjan1234 @pratyasha1990 congrats.. :) but u joining where? . 01 Jun '13.
Guys am in a real fix between choosing trichy and shillong!! what should i do am looking at a profile in finance or consultancy(finance or management) suggestions are welcome!! TIA
manoranjan1234 @yokesh90 go for shillong dude( an unbiased opinion from .... 01 Jun '13.
mysore shillong, any day:). 01 Jun '13.
Buffer calls are definitely given. They might not be telling this to build up the perception in students that many are choosing IIM S. Last year the movement was 64,26,20,20 in the first four lists. This year as they have skipped the first four or five lists, we can safely assume that the buffer ...
pars12 @gauravkala5 : Please share the response. asap... 31 May '13.
adityar92 @gauravkala5 Thanks in advance bhai :) . 31 May '13.
Guys i hve Shillong Trichy and rohtak converts..am looking at finance or consultancy..what should i do which is better for me?? the deadline for accepting my rohtak offer is saturday!!
Finally made it through to IIMS.. 1.5 months of agony ends today .. WL6->WL4->Converted!!My best wishes to all my frenz who are waitlisted here, I hope you convert!Last day for me to accept the offer is 5th June..let me know if you want me to post any queires on synapse. "Hope is a good thing, ma...
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prb013 congrats.... :) . 30 May '13.
RIKSHAWALA bro,plz give me tips to crack cat with 98+ percentile. Re.... 31 May '13.
Waitlist moves !
vipulstephens yep. 29 May '13.
Taurian15 Only 5 :( . 30 May '13.