[Official] IIM Shillong 2013-2015 Final Converts! CAT & Related BSchools

Hi All,
IIM Shillong is out with final results.
Congratulations to all those who have converted one of the coveted calls.
Please continue further discussions here. You may also share your profile in short to let everyone know about you!
Cheers and All the best!!
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abhishek.iitg Hi, I had this doubt regarding the teaching quality at I.... 21 Apr '13.
intelligence_redifined Converted. Leaving.. 25 Apr '13.
B I U Post
what was the last CAT percentile in SC category finally offered a seat in PGP IIM shillong? Please drop in the insights , many thanks !!
And the regret mail comes. IIM shillong 2013 admissions over. Total waitlist for general category this time is 157.
MBADAD Truly sorry to hear that ...guys! Hope no seat goes vacan.... 03 Jul '13.
hw mny ppl finally registered today ??/nyidea ny1???
dwkr250 ooooh... sorry ... yeah i'm a newby at pagalguy... cheers.... 02 Jul '13.
MBADAD Never mind dwkr250. ATB...do send the request letter...wh.... 03 Jul '13.
Though far behind at WL14, i have sent following mail to the Director and chairman Admis comitte. Respected Sir,I am Anurika Arora, currently waitlisted at 14. As the admission process is drawing to a close I am afraid that even after putting my best and leaving my job for getting admission into...
moti @MBADAD thanks for providing hopes to all. Even I don't .... 05 Jul '13.
MBADAD Hi @moti , @anurika_arora @dwkr250 & @vi.... 10 Jul '13.
Below is the reply I got from the Adcom person:"Today is the day of registration after which we will close the admission process for 2013-15. Even if we call people from the waitlist to accommodate last minute withdrawals, we are sure they will not be able to reach IIM Shillong today for registra...
MBADAD Guys if I were you: 1) I would type out my request nicely.... 02 Jul '13.
MBADAD You may follow the link: www.iimshillong.in/sus-con/sus.... 03 Jul '13.
Any chance for w/l 103 ???
superchiku bhai next year :P . 02 Jul '13.
Converted n joining :)
MBADAD Congrats dude :-) Happy for you :-) How many folks re.... 02 Jul '13.
Do anybody have idea of how many seats are vacant as of now???
anurika_arora Hi puys,me waitlisted at WL 14, I have sent the followin.... 01 Jul '13.
MBADAD Please remember (while addressing): Prof. Basav Roy Chowd.... 02 Jul '13.
@SuperHornet congrats bro... u converted... ATB!!!
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SuperHornet Thanks a lot to all. really hope that the WL moves ASAP f.... 01 Jul '13.
tusharjain89 @SuperHornet bhai congo.. C u tomorrow . 01 Jul '13.
My earnest request to all the candidates who converted yesterday night (30th June) or may be before that and are not willing to join IIM-Shillong, please drop a mail to Admissions Office [admissions@iimshillong.in] stating that you don't wish to accept the offer. Please Puys put in this mail if y...
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vipul.kothari @MBADAD , he converted! Btw, still do the needful. :P .... 01 Jul '13.
dwkr250 @MBADAD thanks for your concern, SuperHornet has convert.... 01 Jul '13.
converted and joining!
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SuperHornet ok ... i just wanted to know when is the deadline to pay .... 01 Jul '13.
dibyasaha the deadline is on the 2nd of july.. 01 Jul '13.
Guys the W/L has moved by 9 for Gen. Category.Congrats to those who converted.
Please people who are joining IIM-S after this movt. comment here. Puys please do put your comments. Will be really helpful for people like me ... I am W/L 3.
yash07 @Ricky123456 congrats yaar..!! its great to hear u got s.... 01 Jul '13.
vipul.kothari @Ricky123456 Congrats bro! :) finally all the efforts,.... 01 Jul '13.
I have converted. I have joined Finance at SP Jain and 3 weeks are over. Any idea about Fin placements at IIM-S? I am almost a fresher with only 4 months of work-ex.
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shubhangam @dwkr250 what is a regret mail.currently waitlisted at I.. 30 Jun '13.
dwkr250 @shubhangam last year my friend was in augmented, he go.... 30 Jun '13.
total movement in SC category =112
dibyasaha lets hope we both convert our respective calls..:). 29 Jun '13.
vipulstephens I hope the same...may this endless pain end soon... :) . 29 Jun '13.
could all those who have got phone call from IIM shillong post their ORIGINAL Waitlist no..thankyou..
Ricky123456 @nuttyspice are you planning to join IIM S if they make .... 29 Jun '13.
ritz15 im way back... 30 Jun '13.
Just a thought:By the looks of it, IIM Shillong will go without filling all its available/allotted seats for this Academic year as I understand, the college will not fill any seats after the joining date. So, what about the seats which are not filled up? Doesn't MHRD play any role in ensuring tha...
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gurudad The views shared by all on the issue are innovative and a.... 29 Jun '13.
vipul.kothari Let's see what happens till 2nd, and then we shall do the.... 29 Jun '13.
IIM-S why u no update W/L
can smone share the link to the official facebook page..?? i have recently joined pagalguy, so not aware of the fb group..!!and a question to the seniors, does the fee include mess food charges as well..??
yash07 thanks yaar @Ricky123456 . 29 Jun '13.
yash07 i havent got the appendix, only got the selection letter..... 29 Jun '13.
Guys anybody got email or anybody is able to see the updated status on the site !!
NeerajG nope. 28 Jun '13.
Got a call from Admissions Office..They called to confirm if I am joining or not..
Initial Waitlist Number - 126
Latest Waitlist Number - 2
Converted but Not Joining
Hope it helps !!
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SuperHornet @gen-eng Congrats and best of luck. Bro when did u get t.... 28 Jun '13.
gen-eng @SuperHornet around 12 . 28 Jun '13.