[OFFICIAL] IIM RANCHI Discussions/Admission Queries [2013-2015] CAT & Related BSchools

Hi Everyone,
Greetings from Team Communiqué,Media PR Cell, IIM Ranchi!
We are glad to announce another season of admissions at IIM Ranchi for the batch 2013-2015.
The Media PR Cell of IIMR is a student run committee under the aegis of Student Council of IIMR. We handle a mandate of eno...
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panther1729 guys anyone got mail from IIM Ranchi ??. 21 May '13.
Josh321 @heyeri me too interested in knowing the details of the w.... 25 May '13.
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thank you sir..filling the form..hope to get the cal :)
@hugh99 Reply back and say them to rectify the error.
@sonvi OA percentile and profile looks good.You do have high chances of getting call.
You have to fill overall percentage.
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@flymba Dont worry this mistakes can be neglected, rest aside it wont affect your chances.
@sudipta4288 Your profile and OA looks good , in all probability you may get a call.Do apply
@IIMRanchi I have mailed my query on 19th jan to helpline.Query was like that "I completed my diploma before my enggineering and got admission to direct 2nd year hence what to fill in duration of my degree and yearwise marks". There was no reply untill 25th jan so I filled those coloumn as durati...
@vasugandhi1991 No sectional cutoffs , overall profile will be seen to give out calls.
@IIMRanchi said:
hi..it's difficult to mention the exact cut-offs as such, since the calls are given based on your overall profile...you can apply for the course...all the best deadline is 4th Feb ,
@Prachya said:
@sonvi Hi, see the PGDHRM program has the leverage of CAT OA percentile of only 20% , so its impossible to ascertain the cutoffs or rather useless.If the profile in comparison to others is good you will surely stand a chance to get convert let alone calls.
thank u sir,i have 96.42 in cat, 88.28 oa (best five its 90.4) in class 10th...in class 12th 89.5 oa (best four has 94%) nd grad - 78.67 %

tell me wat are my chances sir,and also if i fill the form do i fill the over all percentage or of best of chosen subjects?? :)
Life is not abt mba..its abt how u handle dese failures nd success:):)
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    @prashantqmar Keep a printout of the acknowledgement form and the filled in particulars.No need to send.
    @crazy4pagal Yes to everyone.
    @crazy4pagal Yes to everyone.
    @asp4mba @gouthammmm @catiim2013 First of all anything above 90 percentile OA is good, in HRM the whole profile matters a lot to get calls as well as converts.
    There are no sectional cutoffs as such.
    @Theshepherd No need to send any documents, after checking with the bank you will have the option of downloading acknowledgement form.
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    @aravindguns anything above 60 is first division.
    @PranujSinghal The course structure can be found at IIM Ranchi website.
    Its difficult to predict future, but there is lot of scope for HRM in corporate world.
    @vivek231 It is small problem , dont bother but make sure you clarify it during your interview.
    @niloy07 But you still repeated the same glorious query.
    @niloy07 But you still repeated the same glorious query.
    what is the venue of interview generally in Mumbai..??
    has anyone(gen) got the call below 95.70 oa..please mention your profile.it will help us