We're Hiring!

We are a fast growing techno-media company with extremely talented and fun people you would love to work with. If you do not like processes, love creativity, innovation and fun at work; you will love it here. You will find a very flexible work environment, which treats people like human beings. You will be challenged at the levels of responsibilities that you end up managing at the workplace.


The PaGaLGuY Editorial team produces the most authoritative and high-quality news, analysis, opinions and insights into the world of business education, b-schools and the MBA degree. We are a highly experienced team of senior journalists who are passionate about writing impactful journalism for India’s higher education. Senior Reporters/Correspondents Senior Copy-Editors/Sub-Editors


We're obsessed with social media and business strategy, so we spend our time creating strategic partnerships and working with some of the most exciting companies and brands. If the idea of representing PaGaLGuY in an industry with some crazy growth excites you, then you should join our team.

Sales Manager

Design and UX

We are responsible for the look and feel of the wesbite and all the products that roll out of PaGaLGuY. We work closely with the Products team on ideation & design of products as well as with the Sales & Marketing Team on marketing campaigns. We are looking for creative people to join our team in Mumbai.

Graphic Designer Web & UI Designer


At PaGaLGuY we are obsessed about helping people learn new things in the most fun, social and engaging ways. We recently revamped the site to a state-of-the art technology platform completely coded from scratch. We will now build several tools like real-time collaborative platforms, adaptive learning algorithms etc. If making tools that help people realize their potential excites you, then you should join our team.

Systems Developer Software Developer Front-end Engineer

People Management/HR

We care deeply about working with some of the most brightest and thoughtful people. To work with the best we need to spend a lot of time identifying the best. Work with colleagues who don't care about just filling a quota, but care about thoughtfully identifying the next generation talent.

Recruitment Manager


A person who will work with us to revolutionize test prep. We think prep is broken. Prep could be much more fun, much more educational and accessible as well.

Product Manager - Prep

We take hiring seriously. Oh we mean it. Last year over 16,000 people applied to get in, we interviewed over 1,000 of them and then made 10 offers, all of which were accepted. The hiring process is explained below:
  • 1

    Send us your resume and your covering letter

    You might want to check out our company blog, read our case study @ IIM Bangalore, find a friend who works with us and check out some of the things we’ve done.

  • 2

    Phone Interview

    If we like your story, we will schedule a call with you really quick. This is a preliminary chat that allows us to explore your thoughts on different areas and articulate your life story and the things that make you the rockstar you are. Phone interviews last anywhere from 10 – 45 minutes. (Neither are an indicator. Sometimes we are just convinced really fast)

  • 3

    A task

    If you are applying for developer, design, sales or editorial positions we will ask you to work on a task (if you are outstation). The objective of this is two fold – You will get a sense of the challenges you will face at work and secondly we don’t want you to travel to our HQ until we are absolutely sure. Take this seriously, your next round solely depends on this.

    Depending on the quality of work in the task, you may then go on to 4-7 rounds of interviews interspersed over a day or a couple of days. Developers will be evaluated on their technical competence, curiosity and interest in technology. For content and design, we look for ability, drive and a pattern of doing cutting-edge work. For business and other positions we look for drive, competence, curiosity and behavioural abilities. Interviews can be personal, technical or a quick chit-chat about your interests and goals.

  • 4

    Visit to the HQ and One-week Trials

    In many cases, we will ask you to work with us for a week to enable us to get to know you better & vice versa by visiting our HQ. We would also want you to be sure that this workplace fits your demands and needs and there is no better way to do that than to spend a week with us. If you are travelling from outside Mumbai, we will reimburse you for your travel.

  • 5

    Hiring Consensus

    We would like to keep the process fair and also allow your future colleagues to have a say in the hiring process. All hiring decisions are by consensus – the very people who will work with you closely have to agree. We spend a lot of time hiring the best and their judgement is of vital importance for every subsequent hire.